Use These Methods To Increase The Privacy Of Your Chain Link Fence

If you have a chain link fence anywhere on your property, you might appreciate its sturdy nature but be looking for a way to increase the degree of privacy it provides. After all, while chain link fences have many benefits, they don't exactly prevent people passing by from being able to easily see into your yard. There are a number of different options that you can consider to increase the fence's privacy quotient so that you, your family members and your guests feel more at ease when you're relaxing in your yard, whether you're lounging by the pool or hanging out on the patio. Here are some valuable methods.

Install Privacy Slats

Privacy slats are specifically built to be used to dramatically increase the privacy of a chain link fence. These barriers are available in a wide range of styles and are commonly quick and easy to install. They often consist of a series of long pieces of plastic that you insert in the opening at the top of the fence and slide through the links in the fence until reaching the ground. You repeat the process along the entire length of the fence and, pretty soon, it's no longer possible to see through the fence. Installing these privacy slats will dramatically change the appearance of your chain link fence and, because the slats are available in several different colors, you can easily find one that suits the design of your home.

Plant A Hedge

If you're interested in increasing your privacy but aren't in an extreme rush to do so, planting a hedge along the length of the fence -- either inside or outside, depending on the location of the fence in regard to your property line -- can add visual appeal while also blocking your yard from passersby. Many homeowners opt for cedar hedges, as cedar bushes often require little in the way of maintenance and can quickly grow into a bushy appearance that helps provide privacy.

Grow Some Vines

Vines are another ideal way to increase the privacy of the chain link fence and give your yard a natural feel. All you need to do is plant a few vine bushes along the base of the fence and you'll be able to watch as the tendrils begin to grab onto the links and help the vines grow upward. It will take some time until the vines completely cover the fence, but when they do, you'll enjoy the presence of vegetation that satisfies your goal of privacy.

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