Vinyl: An Excellent Fencing Choice For Homes With Kids

When the time comes to choose a fence for your yard, it's easy to get overwhelmed by your choices. Wood, iron, chain link – they all have their pros and cons. If you have kids, however, one fencing option stands out among the rest: vinyl. Here are four reasons why vinyl fencing is the safest and most effective fencing option for homes with children.

Vinyl fencing does not need the be treated or waterproofed.

Wood fencing needs to be treated with waterproofing agents on a regular basis. You also need to spray it with insecticides if you notice a problem with wood bees or ants. All of these chemicals can pose a risk to kids, whether the kids end up touching them or inhaling their fumes. Vinyl does not require any chemical treatment. It naturally repels water and is not attractive to insects. If your child touches it, you don't have to worry.

Vinyl has some "give" to it.

Kids will be kids! If they're playing around and hit their head on an iron fence, real damage might be done. Wood is really hard, too. Vinyl, on the other hand, has a bit of give to it. Your child might still be bruised if they run into the fence, but since the fence has some "give" to it, the injury won't be as severe. You also have to worry about wood splintering if a child crashes into it; the splinters can cut and injure your child. Vinyl won't splinter.

Vinyl is easy to keep clean.

Whether it's paint from a paintball fight or ketchup on a hot dog, it's only a matter of time until your child gets something messy on the fence. These substances will scrub easily off of vinyl, since it's nearly non-porous. It can be really tough to get ketchup or paint off of wood, and paint will stick to most metals, too. When you do need to clean your vinyl fence, all you have to do is spray it with the hose and take a stiff brush to stubborn discoloration. You don't have to use any harsh chemicals.

You can't see through solid vinyl panels.

Solid vinyl panels are made from one piece of vinyl. Nobody can see through them. This is not the case with metal or wood fencing. Even wood fencing made from stacked or side-by-side panels can develop cracks and spaces between the panels, allowing someone to peer in through these cracks if they desire. This can put your kids at risk, especially if you live in an unsafe area. With a solid vinyl fence, nobody will see into your yard, even after the fence has aged, so your kids will be out of others' sight while they're in the yard.