Simple Methods That Can Extend The Lifespan Of Your Wooden Fence

A wooden fence around the perimeter of your yard or between you and your neighbor provides shade, privacy and, in many designs, aesthetic appeal. If you've recently hired a fencing contractor to build you a wooden fence, you'll want to take steps to keep this investment looking new for as long as possible. Talk with your fencing contractor about how often to paint or stain the fence – even if it looks pristine right now, the weather will slowly begin to eat away at the finish. If left untreated, the exposed wood will eventually start to rot. Beyond this step, here are some other valuable ideas for extending the fence's life.

Be Careful When Trimming Weeds

To make your yard look its best, you'll need to use a weed trimmer to remove long strands of grass that are growing around the fence posts and along the base of the fence. However, it's important that you do so carefully. A heavy-duty blade from a trimmer or even the durable plastic line both have the ability to slice through the paint or stain and leave the wood exposed. This, in turn, can lead to the wood beginning to rot. Make sure you keep well back of the fence when using power tools – for best results, perform your fine trimming with hand trimmers.

Scrape Away Any Moss Growth

Some forms of moss can have a rustic beauty, but you want to keep moss off the fence. This form of vegetation attracts and holds moisture, which can lead to rotting issues over time. Removing moss is simple – when you notice a patch growing on your fence, simply use a paint scraper or another similar scraping tool to slide under the moss and lift it.

Keep Backyard Pests At Bay

Some backyard pests will be attracted to your fence and might actually shorten its life. Look for holes in the wood that are signs of termites and other critters, and then visit your local home improvement retailer to buy pest spray that you can apply to these problematic areas. This will kill the insects and prevent them from weakening the wood. You can then use a wood sealer to fill any holes left behind.

Wash It When It's Needed

Even if you don't need to paint or stain the fence just yet, it's beneficial to wash it thoroughly if it's showing signs of mildew or even dirt that could be affecting the wood. The best approach is to rent a pressure washer – you'll be able to easily spray the wood and restore the look, as well as prevent it from aging prematurely.

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