Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Fencing

Have you always dreamed of owning a horse? Have you just moved and have the land to finally make your dream a reality? If so, there is a good chance you are looking to purchase horse fencing, getting you one step closer to your dream. However, if you have never owned a horse before, you may be unsure of what type of fencing is ideal for horses and why. Here are a few frequently asked questions you may have about horse fencing.

Why is Woven Wire Fencing Preferred for Horses?

There are many different types of fences on the market, including welded wire fencing, field fences, and stockade panels. However, the preferred type of fences for horses is woven wire. The primary reason for this is that wire fencing has some give to it, whereas the majority of other fences do not. If your horse runs into the fence or gets their foot tangled in the fence, it is important that the fence have give. This helps prevent serious injury.

What Maintenance Does a Woven Wire Fence Need?

A woven wire fence is not low maintenance. However, it is important that it be maintained to keep your horse enclosed and safe. A woven wire fence should be cleaned at least twice a year. This can be done with warm water and liquid dish soap. Simply remove the dirt, dust and build up that accumulates and then dry the fence. As you clean the fence, look for rust. If any rust is noticed, use a rust removing solvent to remove the rust immediately. Failing to do this can weaken the wire, which can cause it to break. This can be harmful to your horse or even allow a horse to escape.

Additionally, you will want to inspect your woven wire fence often. Over time, the woven wires can begin to unravel. Many horses enjoy rubbing against the fence to relieve any itches they have. If your fence is unraveling, your horse could poke or scratch themselves.

How High Should a Horse Fence Be?

When a horse is spooked, it may attempt to jump over the fence. As such, it is important that your fencing be high enough to keep a determined horse in. It is recommended that your horse fence be at least five feet high. This will keep your horse in. At the same time, this height will prevent strangers from stopping to pet or feed your horse.

If you are planning on getting a horse, you will need to install horse fencing around your property. Getting answers to the questions you have about this will help you to better understand the task at hand. Contact a business, such as Rapasadi Fence, for more information.