Have Dogs? Fencing Options To Keep Them Where You Want Them And Safe

If you have dogs, you need to have a fence that will keep them where you want them while keeping them safe. Dogs tend to try to get out of the yard when they are bored, such as when they have been left outside too long or when they are stimulated by something or someone on the other side of the fence, such as kids playing nearby, other dogs, or a cat or bird they want to chase. Before you have the fencing installed, you need to know the dog and what they are capable of doing. This can be difficult if you are getting new dogs you are not familiar with. Here is a bit of information to keep your pet safely in your yard.


Dogs can jump surprisingly higher than you would expect. To keep them safely in your yard you should have a fence too high for them to jump. Usually, four feet is a good height for small breeds, five feet for medium breeds, and six or seven feet for large dogs. You may also want to install a roller on top of the fence. This way, if he or she does manage to get to the top of the fence, the roller will spin and cause the dog to fall back down.


Chain link fencing allows the dog to see everything going on out in the world around the house. It also provides a place for paws to be placed so the animal can climb over the fence. In addition, if your pet likes to dig, he or she can get hurt by the bottom of the fence as he or she tries to scoot under it, especially if a collar gets stuck and no one is home to release it. Picket fences leave enough room between pickets for a dog to claw or nose the pickets apart enough to enable escape. In addition, the pickets normally do not reach the ground, giving the dog the incentive to try and dig under the fencing. A better option is a wooden privacy fence that has no space between the wood pieces and goes all the way to the ground. However, be sure to place the horizontal braces on the outside of the fence so the dog cannot use them as a step to climb or jump it.

No matter what type of fencing you have installed, you need to keep it maintained. If you have a loose board in a privacy fence you can be sure your pet is going to find it and take advantage of the hole. Also, remember you are not only trying to keep your dog in but to keep him or her safe you need to keep other dogs out. Some dogs are aggressive, or your dog may become aggressive towards a strange dog or person. A good fence will keep everyone safe.

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