4 Ways To Prepare Your Chain Link Fencing For Pets

If you're thinking about getting pets, you may be wondering whether a chain link fence is enough. Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable and versatile ways to protect your property. There are only a few modifications that you may want to make before your new four-legged friend moves in.

1. Get Vinyl Privacy Slats

Vinyl privacy slats can be a great addition to a chain link fence for pet owners. Vinyl inserts are woven into the chain link fence to make it more difficult to see in and out. This is better for dogs, as they are less easily excited by passersby. 

2. Place Bricks or Rocks Under the Fence

Pets often dig under fences of all types, but there's an easy way to prevent this. Place bricks or rocks under the fence on both sides to make sure that they don't have easy access to the ground directly below it. If you're installing a new chain link fence, it may be worth it to pour concrete directly beneath the fence line -- concrete is already necessary to stabilize the posts. 

3. Install a Locking Gate

While it may seem like an inconvenience to install a lock on your chain link fence, it's still a good idea. Many children will try to play with or release pets if they see them, and this could be dangerous for both your pet and the child. A locking gate will also increase your own security. Most thieves will look for easy and non-confrontational access; they're more willing to go through an open gate than climb even a low fence.

4. Put Up Signs

If you have dogs or other animals that could be potentially dangerous, it's worth it to put up warning signs on your fence. These warning signs can potentially protect you against liability if your pet injures an intruder (though you should consult with your insurance to find out more). Warning signs may also serve to dissuade criminals and will be important if emergency personnel ever have to access your home, such as firefighters.

Chain link fences can absolutely be ideal for pet owners. Most pets will not jump over a chain link fence, and a chain link fence can be used to cover larger areas with less expense. With the above modifications in place, you should be able to let your pet roam in your yard without worry. Contact a company like Town & Country Fence for more information.