Fencing In Your Cats

You've heard the expression, "like herding cats," and know that it means doing something nearly impossible. Fencing in your cats may seem just as difficult. However, if you want to keep them safe while giving them an element of backyard freedom, you need to figure out what effective fencing measures you can take. Certain fencing methods can keep your cats penned in.

Fence Types

Beautiful wooden fences are like catnip to your kitty. Felines can easily get a firm claw hold on almost any type of wood and escape the safety of your yard in a matter of minutes. Metal fences are a better choice because cats cannot get a good grip on them and so will usually give up trying to climb them. If you can't stand the look of a typical metal fence, you can install a vinyl or wood fence, but you would be wise to add barriers to the top of these fences that can thwart even the most agile cat. 


Fence-top netting is one of the most common barrier systems you can install. This netting is attached so that it juts back toward the yard, meaning your cat would have to climb back and over it. This action is not impossible, but it is extremely difficult. Plus, you cat would have to dangle uncomfortably above ground to accomplish it. In most instances, your pet will give up and stay on the ground.

Cat Enclosure

If you do not want to fence in your entire backyard, you can build an enclosure just for your cats. Think of it as a playhouse for your pets. You will need to use fencing on the sides and top of the enclosure, but, otherwise, you can be wildly creative with the contents. You can include scratching posts, tunnels, and climbing apparatus to give your cats a wonderful place to play outside that will keep them from wandering off. Design your own or buy a kit. These enclosures allow you to design the rest of the yard any way you wish without worrying about your cat escaping. 

Keeping your cats safely contained poses a real challenge. You do not have to keep your cat confined to the indoors because there are a number of ways to keep your cat in your backyard. Consider various types of fencing, possibly combined with netting, to contain your cat. Otherwise, build an enclosure for your beloved pet, so you will never lose track of them. 

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