Answering A Couple Of Questions About Installing And Owning A Wood Fence

Having a plywood fence installed can be a great way of increasing the security of your property. However, if you are a new homeowner, you may not have much experience with fences, and when this is the case, you may benefit from having a couple of questions answered so that you will be better prepared for what to expect when you have a fence installed.

How Do You Prevent A Wood Fence From Rotting?

There are a number of materials that can be used to build a fence, and while wood can provide a pleasing aesthetic, you may be concerned about it rotting. Luckily, the woods that are used to build fences are specially treated so that they are resistant to rot. Additionally, you can utilize sealants and finishes to further enhance the ability of the wood to withstand moisture exposure without suffering damage.

For the best results, you will need to apply the sealant at least once every few years. When doing this, you will need to strip away any paint and thoroughly wash the wood. Any substances on the wood can interfere with the sealant bonding. After the sealant has been applied, you will want to give it at least a couple of days to fully cure before you apply paint over it.  

Can Fence Posts Be Placed In Loose Soil?

Homeowners that are unfortunate enough to have loose soil may be concerned that the fence posts will be at a risk of falling over. However, there are a couple of different steps that a fencing contractor can take to secure fence posts in loose soil.

By pouring a small amount of concrete at the base of the fence post, these professionals can help ensure that it is firmly held in place. If the soil is especially loose, it may be necessary to also make the holes for the posts much deeper than would otherwise be needed. While these steps may add to the cost of installing a fence, it can be more than worth it to ensure your loose soil does not lead to structural problems for the fence.

If you are considering having a wood fence installed, it is important for you to understand the steps that can be taken to prevent rot from ruining the fence and loose soil from causing the fence posts to fall over. Once you are armed with this information, you should have a much better understanding of what is involved with installing and owning a wood fence.