3 Ideas To Combine Living And Man Made Materials Into Privacy Fence Designs

If you want to have a fence that provides privacy to your home, but blends into to landscaping and has an attractive design, you may want to combine materials. This can be done by using green screens, or combining living materials into the design of your privacy fence. Here are some ideas to give you a green fence that blends into landscaping and also includes man-made elements:

1. Front Entrances With A Masonry Wall And Greenery At The Top

Front entrances can be an area of your home where you want an elegant looking fence. They may also be limited by height if you plan on using materials like stone or brick. To give your home privacy and an attractive looking fence, you may want to build a knee-high wall for the fence and use natural materials to give you more height and privacy. These can be materials like cane shades that the fence service can install, or you may want to use living materials like vines or shrubs that are planted on top of the wall.

2. Having A Conventional Chain Link Fence Installed And Plant Climbing Plants

There are also solutions like conventional chain link fences that can be good for many fencing needs. If you have a many feet of fence to install, doing your entire property in a masonry wall may not be practical nor affordable. Chain link fencing can be used in some of the less noticeable areas. To hide it, add privacy, or give it an attractive look, you can add things like lattice or plant climbing vines and other plants to give it a greener, more attractive look.

3. Using Trees And Shrubs For A Living Fence

There are also living fences that can be a great addition to your landscaping design. They can be created with many different materials, such as shrubs and trees that you plant to create a privacy screen. Other materials like willow cuttings can be planted by a professional service to give you a living fence that looks more conventional, but that is still made out of living materials.

These are some tips to help you combine materials to use in your fence design to give it a natural look and an attractive design. If you need help creating the new fence for your home, contact a fencing contractor like Absolute Fencing LLC and talk with them about some of these design ideas for your home.