How You Can Care For New Chain-Link Fencing

If you've decided to install a new chain-link fence around your business, know that you've made a great choice. The material should be effective at keeping people out and require minimal maintenance to keep it looking good over the years. While there are very few things you need to do to maintain your new fence, these are the maintenance items that should be on your to-do list.

Coat The Chain-Link Fence WIth Sealant

The one problem that can happen to a chain-link fence is having metal material that rusts. That's why you want to fight this problem before any rust has a chance to form. You can coat the chain-link material with a sealant that will prevent rust formation.

The sealant can be purchased in paint cans and is applied to the fencing material with normal paint brushes. You can also purchase it in an aerosol can form, which will be much easier to apply. You can simply spray down the fencing material systematically, and you'll easily cover every inch of the material.

You can also have a professional fencing contractor perform this task for you if you do not have the time to do it on your own.

Tighten Loose Hardware

There are several types of hardware that secure everything together on a chain-link fence. There are clamps that hold the chain-link material to the metal posts, and hardware that secures latches for gates.

You'll want to occasionally inspect the hardware for anything that is coming loose, and tighten the hardware back to the fence with a screwdriver. This simple check of the material can help prevent the fence from falling apart, which will require more work to repair if it happens.

Wash The Material

If you are using chain-link fencing around a commercial, you want it to look good to customers that visit your business. You should wash the material when you notice that it has visible dirt or debris on it.

Washing chain-link fencing is easy enough to do on your own. You can power wash the material if you have the equipment, or can even use a garden hose and a spray nozzle attachment. Blasing the dirt off with water should be good enough to keep it looking good, and prevent moisture from being trapped underneath the dirt that can form rust.

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