Remove Rust Spots From A Metal Gate That Is Attached To A Privacy Fence

If a metal gate that is attached to your residence's privacy fence has rust spots on its hinges and near the knob, eliminate them by completing the project below. Once finished, clean the metal and apply a coat of rust-inhibiting sealer to the gate's surface to keep it protected from corrosion in the future. Materials rust-dissolving spray sponge (with slightly abrasive surface) water hose metal cleaning agent soft-bristled scrub brush lint-free cloths metal polish buffing pad can of rust-inhibiting sealer wooden stick paint tray paint roller extension handle thin paintbrush Apply A Rust-Dissolving Spray To The Rust Spots Read More 

3 Ideas To Combine Living And Man Made Materials Into Privacy Fence Designs

If you want to have a fence that provides privacy to your home, but blends into to landscaping and has an attractive design, you may want to combine materials. This can be done by using green screens, or combining living materials into the design of your privacy fence. Here are some ideas to give you a green fence that blends into landscaping and also includes man-made elements: 1. Front Entrances With A Masonry Wall And Greenery At The Top Read More 

Answering A Couple Of Questions About Installing And Owning A Wood Fence

Having a plywood fence installed can be a great way of increasing the security of your property. However, if you are a new homeowner, you may not have much experience with fences, and when this is the case, you may benefit from having a couple of questions answered so that you will be better prepared for what to expect when you have a fence installed. How Do You Prevent A Wood Fence From Rotting? Read More 

Fencing In Your Cats

You've heard the expression, "like herding cats," and know that it means doing something nearly impossible. Fencing in your cats may seem just as difficult. However, if you want to keep them safe while giving them an element of backyard freedom, you need to figure out what effective fencing measures you can take. Certain fencing methods can keep your cats penned in. Fence Types Beautiful wooden fences are like catnip to your kitty. Read More 

Keeping The Wrong People Out Of Your Home

Securing your home is something you should begin working on as soon as you move in. However, learning new ways to make the home more secure can be an ongoing process. You should always be looking for things you can do differently to make your house a safer place for you and your family. This article will give you some tips on home security so you can implement any you haven't yet thought of or followed through with. Read More